Signature Series

Larry K. Martin’s intricately detailed works allow viewers to glimpse the beauty of nature while observing the respect with which the artist treats his subjects. Life experiences are often reflected in an artist’s work. So it is easy to see why Larry’s paintings show such a range of emotions, subject matter, and rendering techniques.

His previous career in Tropical Medicine research took him to remote tribes in the Amazon. In recent years Larry has again gone full circle by returning to the tropics- this time to paint subjects from the rain forests of South America and the dry savannahs of Africa. He traveled by dugout canoe to the Amazon Basin of Bolivia in 2002, and has led five Photographic/Art safaris to Kenya and Tanzania since 2001.

Upcoming Larry K. Martin works are likely to include familiar subjects from his native area in southeastern United States as well as the more exotic subjects from his safaris. As he views it, “Variety keeps the creativity flowing...”

Lightnin' Bug SafariLightnin' Bug Safari
Smokey Mountain CourtshipSmokey Mountain Courtship
Lightnin' Bug Safari CameoLightnin' Bug Safari Cameo
Eyes on the HorizonEyes on the Horizon
Garden PanoramaGarden Panorama
Retail: $39.99
Discount: $34.99
Spring GardenSpring Garden
Mount Up Mount Up
Larry K. Martin Biography & HonorsLarry K. Martin Biography & Honors
Wren's Nest Gallery
Visit the Wren's Nest Gallery to view a wealth of works by Larry K. Martin.

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