Ballet Dance Terms

  • This border is a mural-style border with a 30 ft repeat. One roll will contain (2) 15' strips containing different ballet dance terms across the length of the border.
  • Dance terms included on each spool: Demi-Plie, Grand Plie, Tendu, Degage, Rond de jambe, Frappe, Fondu, Passe, Developpe, Grand Battement, Releve, Sous-sus, Coupe, En Crois, Saute, Jete, Changement, Temps leve, Echappe, Sissonne, Assemble, Pique, Arabesque, Pas de Bourree, Devant, Derriere, A la Seconde, Croise, Efface, Ecarte, En face.
  • This border is prepasted and is 7" wide.

    Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.

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